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Our Specialty

Hard Rock Masonry specializes in stonescaping, the art of improving the natural landscape utilizing natural stone. More than just an exercise in earth moving, stonescaping is a design and construction process that will visually enhance your property, improve retention characteristics and provide proper storm water management. The end result is a harmonious and well-engineered functional landscape with curb appeal.

Hardscaping Adds Value

Using stone Hard Rock creates eye catching entrances and outdoor living spaces that add beauty, character, meaning and function to your property. Many studies have been conducted that confirm investing in quality hardscaping can and will increase your property value and you will see higher returns. Even more so on more challenging properties. Hardscaping will add valuable space and safer access to sloping terrains and flatter locations benefit from visual interest created by quality work. Regardless of your existing site, hardscaping will help improve your properties value and increase your property enjoyment.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Since 1979 Hard Rock Masonry has been creating artistic and unique landscape features, for both residential and commercial sites. Hard Rock designs, builds and refines outdoor spaces to enhance functionality, usability and appearance. We build stone walls both freestanding and retaining as well as walkways, patios, fireplaces and other unique structures. Many of our staff have been with the company from the beginning and all are hand chosen for their masonry skill and artistry. We are covered by over 2 million dollars in private insurance and have full WCB coverage.

Shane Restall – Owner

I began my career in landscape masonry in 1979, because of an interest in changing landscape since the age of  6, when I grabbed a rake and shovel and dug up my parents yard!
Since 1979, my focus has been artistically altering the environment for my client’s personal outdoor spaces. I have been involved in many major projects over the years, where my expertise has allowed me to completely change property, both big and small. My forte, is retainment, to maximize the usable space of small lot sizes. My knowledge of structure is acknowledged by the time of involvement in the landscape masonry field. I feel fortunate to have both my brother and son working with the company, we bring a family business with over 30 years of experience to the market both locally, and internationally. I have a very good reputation for being honest, fair, and understanding or my clients needs, which all come together to provide clients with a safe contracting experience.